BP Oil Spill Reaches the Coastline in Pensacola, FL

The BP oil spill has spread to Pensacola, Florida, where once-white beaches are now blotted with oily tar balls. Tourists are canceling their vacations, and the hit could cost local hotels and business owners millions of dollars this summer. Meanwhile, residents in Pensacola are wondering why BP workers are not cleaning their beaches. Many residents are arriving with buckets and collecting tar balls at the water’s edge. Dying marine life is painting a dark and morbid picture of the effects the BP oil spill is having on the environment along the Gulf Coast. PB officials announce they will not be able to stop the oil from leaking until August, but have agreed to a $20 billion victims’ compensation fund after pressure from President Barack Obama.

Several other states along the Gulf of Mexico are being affected as well, as BP’s latest oil spill estimates have reached the public and caused outrage across the country. Newly disclosed document show that BP made a worst-case estimate of 2.5 million gallons a day leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, but failed to disclose the information to the public. The U.S. Coast Guard has estimated that millions of liters of oil have spilled into the Gulf of Mexico since the initial explosion on April 20, 2010, which killed 11 workers. As the worst oil spill disaster in the history of the United States, the BP spill has long surpassed the Exxon Valdez catastrophe, in which more than 11 million gallons of oil spilled into Prince William Sound, Alaska, 20 years ago.

BP is currently using a containment cap to collect about 15,000 barrels of crude oil a day, but this is only about one-quarter of the amount leaking daily. BP is also developing a new system to replace the current containment device and hopes to be able to collect more oil, with a maximum capacity of 80,000 barrels per day.

BP Oil Spill Lawsuit

Several class-actions lawsuits have been filed against BP by clean-up workers hired by the company and who had to be hospitalized after experiencing symptoms of high blood pressure, nausea and severe headaches. In addition, BP could be facing several oil spill settlements from the families of the 11 rig workers who lost their lives in the oil rig explosion.

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