FDA Warns of Potential Maalox Total Relief Safety Risks – Internal Bleeding

Swiss manufacturer of Maalox, Novartis, has agreed to change the name and packaging of its Maalox Total Relief medication following an FDA request. According to federal regulators, consumers have been confusing Maalox Total Relief with its gentler formula used to neutralize stomach acid.

In addition, Novartis is being asked to provide patients and physicians with educational seminars explaining the difference between the products and how to avoid confusing the two. This also may help to select between other Maalox products.

The rebranded Maalox Total Relief is expected in September 2010.

Maalox Total Relief Safety Risks – Clotting and Internal Bleeding

Maalox Total Relief contains bismuth subsalicylate, a chemical similar to aspirin which can lead to internal bleeding in patients with stomach ulcers and blood clotting issues.

The FDA also warns that Maalox Total Relief could pose serious health risks to children. The more potent version of the product also can negatively interact with certain blood thinners, including Warfarin and Plavix, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin.

Both Maalox and Maalox Total Relief are over-the-counter medications.

Maalox Total Relief Lawsuits

When drug labeling becomes confusing and leads to personal injury or wrongful death, the manufacturer of the product may be held liable under negligence laws.

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