Saddle Valves

  • Was your refrigerator ice-maker water line installed by a major retailer such as Sears, Home Depot, Best Buy or Lowes?
  • Did that retailer install your icemaker water-line by using a device that poked a hole in your water line?
  • Was your ice-maker installed within the past 4 years?
  • Do you still have your paperwork for that installation (it’s probably the same paperwork for refrigerator purchase)?

Refrigerator Icemaker Water Lines

The use of devices that poke holes in your existing plumbing (these devices are called “saddle valves”) put you at risk.

Defective Saddle ValveSaddle valves increase the risk of corrosion, clogging and leaking of your water line. The use of saddle valves increases the risk of contamination of your household water supply. Some consumers have reported that leaking saddle valves caused water damage to their homes.

To see whether your refrigerator water line was connected by use of a saddle valve, trace the thin flexible waterline from the back of your refrigerator (it might run down through the floor) and check to see how it is connected to your copper plumbing (you might need a flashlight!).

If you are aware of any consumers in Florida who have had a saddle valve used in the installation of your refrigerator, please call our defective product attorneys today – 844-794-7402