Data Breaches

Has Your Personal and Confidential Information Been Compromised?

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common in today’s digital age, and the attorneys of AWKO are holding companies accountable. Companies that are in possession of your confidential information have a responsibility to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your data is protected.

Unfortunately, many companies fail to do all that they should to protect your data and, as a result, experience a data breach. When a company or organization suffers a data breach, the theft of your personal and confidential data, such as names, addresses, social security numbers, and credit card information, can lead to all sorts of harm, including identity theft and financial fraud.

Who is at Risk of a Data Breach?

Anyone can be at risk of a data breach, which can occur as a result of a technological vulnerability or a user’s actions.

These security breaches may lead to identity theft, resulting in financial problems, damaged credit, and even blackmail. Hackers resort to various techniques, such as phishing, brute force attacks, and malware, to gain access to confidential personal information.

Protecting personal data and information is essential. To safeguard your information, it is vital to keep your software updated, upgrade devices that are no longer compatible with new software updates, create robust passwords and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

What is AWKO Doing to Help Victims of Data Breaches?

    AWKO is committed to advocating for data breach victims to secure justice and compensation for the harm they have suffered. Our attorneys have extensive experience in helping clients recover damages from major corporations and organizations that failed to protect their sensitive data.

    Some of our recent data breach cases include:

    • Samsung: In early 2022, Samsung’s data was breached by the Lapsus$ cybergang, who stole around 190 GB of data. Samsung’s unnecessary collection and sale of user data without proper security led to two data breaches. They also disabled functions, forcing users to provide personal info. Despite claiming strong security measures, Samsung’s implemented protocols were inadequate, compromising user data.
    • Connexin: Connexin Software, a company providing electronic medical records and practice management software for pediatric practices, was breached in August 2022 via ransomware. The attack impacted over 2.2 million individuals after Connexin did not take appropriate cybersecurity measures to safeguard protected health information and prevent unauthorized access, as required by HIPAA regulations. Connexin violated the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule by delaying notifications to affected individuals until November 2022, leaving Americans unaware of the risk to their sensitive information.
    • Independent Living Systems LLC: Independent Living Systems (ILS), a healthcare management company, has experienced a data breach that may have exposed the sensitive information of approximately 170,000 individuals. The company learned about the incident on January 12, 2023. It determined that an unauthorized third party accessed its network and exfiltrated data, including individuals’ names, Social Security numbers, and health-related information.
    • Regal Medical Group, Inc: Regal Medical Group, a Southern California-based healthcare provider, has been hit by a ransomware attack that led to the exposure of the personal information of approximately 150,000 patients. Regal first became aware of the attack in July 2021, but it wasn’t until August 2021 that it was determined that patient data had been compromised. The data stolen included names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, medical record numbers, health plan information, and other treatment-related data.
    • T-Mobile T-Mobile reported a data breach in January 2023 caused by an Application Programming Interface (API) vulnerability. The breach, however, occurred back in November 2022. Up to 37 million customer accounts may have been affected. Personally identifiable information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers were compromised. Customers were notified about the breach starting in January 2023.

    If you have been impacted by a data breach, our team is here to assist you. We recognize the distress and uncertainty that can arise from having your personal information compromised, and we will work diligently to ensure that you obtain the relief you are entitled to, including credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and compensation for any financial losses you have suffered.

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