Pensacola mom sues formula maker Abbott for allegedly giving daughter salmonella

Jul 12, 2022

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A Pensacola mother is suing baby formula maker Abbott for allegedly giving her daughter salmonella.

Mother, Kelli Green, said the contaminated formula made her daughter sick and eventually led to her hospitalization with ear-related issues that her physicians could not treat as quickly because of the salmonella.

The baby had symptoms like bloody stool, severe diaper rash, and loss of appetite.

Green also says she found a “large, petrified bug” in a sealed formula container.

Attorney Sam Geisler with Aylstock, Witkin, Kries, and Overholtz says Abbott didn’t show any regard for the vulnerable infants depending on its formula.

“This is a factory that was responsible for 50 percent of the WIC formula for this entire country,” Geisler said. “These are often working families and in many cases underprivileged babies. It’s just a stunning level of malfeasance.”

Geisler says the little girl ultimately had to go to the hospital for ear problems that got worse because the salmonella delayed treatment.

The law firm is now representing over a dozen families who say they’ve been affected by Abbott’s formula contamination.

There have been 129 consumer complaints about Abbott formula, including 25 alleging “life-threatening” illness or injury.

The FDA says two children have died, and they investigated seven additional deaths but could not identify the source of infection.

by: Tanner Stewart and Laura Hussey, WEAR-TV