Social Media Products Complaint

Aug 26, 2022

AWKO files complaint against Meta & Snap

Mary Liu of Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz, PLLC, Margaret Mabie of Marsh Law Firm PLLC, and Hillary Nappi of Hach & Rose LLP filed a products liability lawsuit against Meta and Snap for designing their social media products in ways that harm kids and facilitate child exploitation, sexual abuse, and the spread of child sex abuse material (CSAM) across the globe.

Our attorneys seek to hold social media companies responsible for designing and marketing these products directly to kids under 18 years of age without warning of the life-threatening risks posed to their young, developing minds. Further, these social media products collect private information of children under 13 without verifiable parental consent, which violates federal law.

Meta and Snap have known for years that their products harm kids, yet continued to market to them, encouraging addictive behaviors, child exploitation, sexual abuse, the spread of CSAM, and various other harms for economic gain. Meta’s own research and employees reveal that their social media products are a cause of increased depression, suicidal ideation, and sleep deprivation. Social media companies’ algorithms target young kids to increase screen time, but fail to adequately warn the children and their parents of these severe harms.

Read the full complaint here.