Br. Joseph Thibault


Order: CFX
Status: Settled
Died: 10/8/1971
Diocese: Archdiocese of Boston MA

Brother Joseph Thibault, also known as Cuthbert, Joined the Xaverians in 1933. Accused in a 2005 civil suit of abuse of a male student at Mission High School, Boston, 1956-1957. The suit involved multiple plaintiffs and named multiple priests as defendants. Per Attorney Durso, almost all claims were settled. Brother Joseph Thibault Died in 1971. On the Xaverian Brothers’ list 7/12/2019. It notes allegations reported in 2007 and later of abuse in the late- 1950s to early- 1960s in Baltimore, MD and Roxbury, MA. On Baltimore’s list 7/23/2019.