War on Terror Combat Litigation

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About the War on Terror Combat Litigation

The War on Terror Combat Litigation serves U.S. Military Veterans/U.S. Government Contractors and their families who participated in combat operations in the Afghanistan conflict (2001-2017) or the Iraq conflict (2003-2011). To be eligible to be represented by legal counsel in this case, a candidate must have been either killed or wounded by enemy action in either Afghanistan or Iraq. Methods of enemy engagement include, but are not limited to, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Rocket/Mortar fire, Sniper Fire or Complex Close Ambush.

Why this litigation now and who is against it?

For those who have done combat deployments in support of the War on Terror, no two deployments have ever looked the same. Every year brought more complexities to the battlefield that didn’t exist the deployment before. In large part, the support and facilitation efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran who uses elements of its strategic power as a State Sponsor of Terror made the battlefield a more dangerous and complex place to operate.

Since the inception of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, Iran has sought to prosecute a proxy war against the United States and our allies/partners by pursuing an indirect method of engagement centering on the use of asymmetric conflict. A critical tactic used to support Iranian regional strategic objectives is the use of Terrorism against American Service Members and Contractors. Using a similar operational approach of “by, with, and through,” agents of Iran armed proxy forces and facilitated kinetic actions on the battlefield to kill or injure those supporting security and stability operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What do I need to do to learn more and join the fight?

Our Firm is committed to obtaining justice for Veterans and has the resources in place to assist you with your claim. Step one is to call the Terrorism Experts at Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz PLLC to determine your eligibility. If you or a family member is deemed eligible, our team of experts will step you through the process and provide guidance on what documents we’ll need to prove your case. Our Anti-Terrorism Team is led by LtCol Andrew Del Gaudio, USMC (Ret) PhD. who served 26 years as a Marine Infantry Officer and was decorated with the Bronze Star with Combat “V” and the Purple Heart for service in Iraq and Afghanistan over his six tours of combat. COL Sean Hollonbeck, USA (RET) is a decorated Army Physician with 31 years of service and six combat tours who received a Bronze Star for supporting Special Operations Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. AWKO Law’s Main Effort to bring military-litigation cases to justice are the two-dozen Military Veterans of all branches of Service who handle your case. Taking care of our own is the mission. Get started by calling our Anti-Terrorism Team at (850) 202-1010, extension 846 to learn how you can keep fighting!

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