Southern Baptist Convention Church Abuse Lawsuit

New Legislation Has Opened Up A Limited-Time Window To Seek Justice For Past Sex Abuse

Are You A Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse By A Pastor Or Ministry Member?

Newly passed amendment opens a limited “look-back window” in which child sexual abuse survivors can pursue claims that had been previously time barred.

Finally, survivors of sexual abuse now have the opportunity, within a limited period of time, to seek justice for the abuse they suffered.

The Statute of Limitations Has Been Lifted for a Limited Time

The statute of limitations doesn’t apply. Your case may qualify even if the abuse occurred decades ago.

Survivors of Southern Baptist Convention church sexual abuse will not be silenced.

Our attorneys are ready to help. If you would like to learn how we use the civil justice system to hold churches accountable for their abuses, please contact us for a free & confidential consultation.

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