AGGA Dental Device Lawsuit

Unapproved AGGA or FAGGA dental devices cause injuries to thousands

AGGA devices were introduced as non-surgical palate expanders, offering a solution for conditions like temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and mild to moderate sleep apnea. Although marketed as a safe dental device, AGGA devices have been linked to a variety of injuries and complications.

Recipients of AGGA devices have reported side effects such as the following:

  • Intense mouth pain
  • Tooth loss
  • Dental damage
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Gum recession
  • Nerve damage
  • Bone erosion

These injuries can have a profound impact on one’s quality of life, necessitating additional medical interventions and corrective surgeries to address the harm caused by the device.

What are AGGA/FAGGA devices?

The dental device known as AGGA or FAGGA is promoted as a non-surgical solution for adults suffering from TMJ and OSA, aiming to expand the palate. This device was not approved by the FDA, yet more than 10,000 individuals may have had these devices implanted.

Which devices are in question?

What has the FDA done about this dangerous device?

Although AGGA devices were widely marketed and used in dental offices and clinics, it is important to note that they were never approved by the FDA. The lack of FDA approval raises questions about their safety and the responsibility of the manufacturers. In recent years, the FDA has expressed concerns about the device’s safety through safety evaluations, further emphasizing the need for legal action.

Federal prosecutors have now launched a criminal investigation into the actions of the designers and sellers of the AGGA dental device.

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