Br. Marius Francis Shine


Ordained: 1919
Died: 03/21/1974
Status: Accused
Diocese: Archdiocese of Baltimore MD

In February 2002, a man reported to the Archdiocese that his father was sexually and physically abused by Xaverian Brother Marius Francis Shine at St. Mary’s Industrial School around 1947 or 1948. The victim was sent to live there by his parents, and Brother Marius Francis Shine (also known as John) was in charge of his dorm, where he sexually abused him one night and beat him with a belt when he tried to push him away. The victim’s parents reported the abuse to the school’s head and the Archdiocese, but nothing was done. The Archdiocese made a mandatory report of the abuse to the authorities and notified the Xaverian Brothers. In 2019, Shine was listed as credibly accused by both the Archdiocese and the Xaverian Brothers.