Fr. John Duggan

Father John Duggan

Order: SJ
Ordained: 1957
Status: Accused
Died: 01/10/2004
Diocese: Archdiocese of Baltimore MD

Father John Duggan received training in Boston, MA, and Albany, NY before serving in several locations, including the Scranton diocese, Archdioceses of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nigeria, Diocese of Camden, and back to Scranton, where he worked in high schools and parishes.

In 2002, an allegation was made to the Archdiocese of Baltimore of sexual abuse of a teenage boy in the late 1960s to early 1970s while Father John Duggan was assigned to Loyola Blakefield School. Unfortunately, the boy had already passed away in 1975. The boy’s father met with a Jesuit official in 1993, who stated that Duggan had admitted to the abuse and was being sent to Canada for treatment.

According to the 2018 PA Grand Jury Report, Father John Duggan had admitted to sexually abusing young children early in his priesthood. Additionally, another report of abuse was made to the Jesuits in 1995 while he was in Africa from 1981-1983. There was also an allegation of abuse in 1951 when Duggan was accused of abusing an 11-year-old boy at Scranton Prep.

In 1996, a victim reported the abuse to the Jesuit Provincial and civil authorities. Bishop Timlin restricted Duggan to convent and prison ministry after 1996, but he was still allowed to assist at parishes. Duggan was included on the Archdiocese’s list in September 2002 and on the Scranton diocese’s list on August 19, 2018. He was also on the MD Province Jesuits list on December 17, 2018, and was mentioned in the Maryland Attorney General’s report published on April 5, 2023. Father John Duggan passed away on January 10, 2004. He was identified as John M. Duggan in the 2018 PA Grand Jury Report.