Fr. John Lippold


Ordained: 1957
Status: Accused
Died: 01/27/2016
Diocese: Archdiocese of Baltimore MD

Father John Lippold retired in 2009, but in October 2010, the archdiocese received an allegation that he had abused a girl for two years in the late 1960s while he was assigned to Saints Phillip & James Parish. The archdiocese notified the police, who advised them not to pursue an investigation or contact Lippold during their investigation.

The investigation stalled in April 2011, and the archdiocese was allowed to speak with both the accuser and Lippold, who denied the allegations. He was removed from his position at that time and passed away on January 27, 2016. He is listed on the archdiocese’s list of accused, although his year of death is erroneously shown as 2014.