Fr. Joseph Messer


Ordained: 1961
Died: 07/16/2014
Diocese: Archdiocese of Baltimore MD

In 2008, a victim reported to the Archdiocese that he was sexually abused by Father Joseph Messer in 1975 or 1976 when he was 16 or 17 years old. The abuse took place every Saturday for a year in Joseph Messer ‘s office in the rectory at St. John and included rape, oral rape, and genital fondling. The victim also claimed that at least one other priest knew about the abuse.

After investigating, the Archdiocese determined that the allegation was not credible. However, in 2008, the victim’s attorney provided corroborating evidence, including a schoolmate’s account of the victim showing blood in his underwear and being threatened by Messer. The Archdiocese then requested to speak with the schoolmate, but it is unclear if this interview occurred. Messer has not been listed as credibly accused by the Archdiocese.