Fr. Louis Bonacci

Father Louis Bonacci

Order: SJ
Ordained: 1973
Status: Accused
Diocese: Archdiocese of Baltimore MD

Father Louis Bonacci was alleged to have inappropriately touched a minor at a family home between 1978-1982, during his time as the assistant director of campus ministry at Loyola College in Baltimore, MD. The allegation was received in April 2011 and a second accuser was found during the investigation.

As a result, Father Louis Bonacci was removed from his assignment in Scranton in April 2011 and permanently removed from active ministry by his order in June 2011. He left the Jesuits in 2014. Fr. Bonacci’s name appeared on various dioceses’ lists in subsequent years, including the Scranton diocese’s list in August 2018, the Wheeling-Charleston diocese’s list in late 2018, the MD Province Jesuits’ and the Baltimore archdiocese’s lists in December 2018, and the Charlotte diocese’s list in December 2019.

Fr. Bonacci was also included in the Maryland Attorney General’s Report released on April 5th, 2023.