Fr. Maurice Blackwell

Father Maurice Blackwell

Ordained: 1974
Status: Convicted
Diocese: Archdiocese of Baltimore MD

Father Maurice Blackwell served as the Pastor of St. Edward’s in Baltimore from 1979 to 2003. He was placed on leave in 1993 following complaints of abuse of a minor from 1989 to 1992. Despite evidence of abuse, the case was closed by law enforcement, but it was discovered that several teenage boys had lived at Father Maurice Blackwell rectory over the years.

He was sent to treatment and later reinstated but was permanently placed on leave in 1998 after admitting to a “sexual relationship” with another minor, which had ended in the 1970s. He settled with this victim for $90K. In 2002, the 1993 accuser shot and injured Blackwell. The Archbishop acknowledged the abuse, and multiple others alleged sexual abuse by Blackwell in the 1960s and 1970s.

Blackwell’s case is included on the archdiocese’s list of accused. He was laicized in 12/2004. In a criminal trial in 2/2005, Blackwell was found guilty of the 1993 abuse, which included rape. He settled with this victim for $70K in 2008. He also settled with two more victims for $35K and $75K in 2008. Three more men came forward in 2/2017, 5/2018, and 4/2020, reporting abuse at ages 13-17, at age 8 or 9, and in third grade. Blackwell’s case is included in the MD Attorney General’s 4/5/2023 report.