Sexual Abuse In Schools

Sexual Abuse and Harassment in K-12 Schools

Schools are teaching students more than reading, writing and arithmetic. Every year, thousands of children are subjected to sexual harassment and abuse from other students, faculty and staff. K-12 schools have proven to be disorganized and inconsistent in their handling of sexual abuse claims. Students who report abuses often end up feeling like they – rather than the accused – are under investigation by school officials.

Students from marginalized communities, such as LGBTQ youth, are particularly at risk for having their sexual harassment claims ignored by their school administration. Rather than subject themselves to the continued torment of harassment and trauma of seeing their abusers in hallways and classrooms, many survivors skip classes. Some drop out of school altogether. These efforts at self-preservation may ultimately have devastating long-term consequences, putting children at risk for lives of poverty and homelessness.

Sexual Abuse and Harassment in Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities also fail to adequately prevent and respond to sexual abuse and harassment. Recent media reports have revealed how institutions of higher education have engaged in cover-ups of chronic sexual abuse perpetrated by some of their most respected employees. If these colleges and universities had believed and supported survivors, perhaps the sexual predators in their midst would have claimed far fewer victims.

Schools that dismiss, minimize and cover-up students’ claims of sexual abuse enable abusers to continue to inflict trauma on innocent victims. Our attorneys use the civil justice system to hold sexual perpetrators and the systems that support them accountable. If your school has failed to adequately address your claim of sexual abuse, contact us today for a free consultation.


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